the terrible dangers of marijuana

"To a Hindu, hemp is sacred. A guardian lives in the bhang leaves. When a person sees the leaves, the plant, or a bhang tea in a dream, they will have good fortune. A longing for hemp forbodes good cheer. It heals diarrhoea and sunstroke, loosens mucous, accelerates digestion, stimulates the appetite, smoothens the lisping tongue, refreshes the intellect, gives vigor to the body, and fills the mind with happiness. These are the good things for which the Almighty [Shiva] made hemp. ...The spirit of hemp is the spirit of peace and knowledge. In hemp ecstasy, the flash of eternity transforms the haziness of matter into pure light. Hemp is the "giver of joy", the "flyer of heaven", the "divine leader", the "poor man's heaven", the "calmer of sorrow". No god, no man is as good as the religious hemp drinker."
Hemp Drug Commission Report, 1884


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